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Vinyl coming back up in valleys

Guest thegeneral_o7

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Guest thegeneral_o7

ive been having some issues with the material coming back up in valleys on the vehicle. ive tried to use primer 99, and that doesnt seem to work either. one thing i heard is that it happened beacause i bridged over the valley instead of going into it. ive been using 3m vinyls mostly. any help would be much appreciated

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Make sure its a proper cast vinyl suitable to mould into the valleys.

If its the right vinyl fitted right it will not lift.

A good air release vinyl is fitted by first bridging the valley then heating to around 50 degrees C and work with a gloved hand into the valley. Once in place it must be post heated to around 100 degrees C to set it in place.

Most failures occur 1) if not cleaned properly or using the wrong cleaning / preparation fluid. Each vinyl manufacturer produces their own guidelines

and 2) Not post heating correctly. A Laser thermometer must be usede as post heating to make sure each part of the vinyl is up to the correct temperature. If you are just a few degrees lower then the heat will try to make the vinyl remember its original form rather than setting the new form.

see this for 3M


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never bridge viynl,always work it in the valley or channel then post heat to set.
even if you work it into the valley it still has a chance to come up slightly....vinyl will shrink causing slight lifting in the valleys.

I agree with both... NEVER bridge a gap, always start in valley if possible, vinyl will shrink, no doubt but with less tension in the valley it should help.

Raphy and I discussed this during his visit, in reference to certain tail lights doing the same thing... .

I would always use a cast vinyl and try starting in the valley and working your way out of it, creating less tension in the valley.

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