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Carbon 35 on flat glass


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Tons of variables, generally an auto film should not be applied to flat glass due to thermal expansion issues.

Size, sun exposure, partial shading, tempered, annealed, dual pane, etc etc, all these factors are taken into consideration even with architectural films, so we need more information I suppose.

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Guest fredstinting
Can i apply Suntek carbon 35 on to flat glass?

you can install any film you sell to any glass . the shop then must cover the warranty when the shop choses to apply auto to a residential and commercial job . so if you feel like it worth down the road a expensive residential window breaks do to the wrong film on the window ..$$$$$ i rather use film designed to work on residential installation....

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True you can install to just about any glass especially most single pane but I would seriously consider this; What are the implications if the color fails as it does on many auto films?

I recently met a building engineer that had film installed on his whole building, the color failed in two years. Now he completely anti-window film for good reason.

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