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My All Day Fight w/ a BMW 528i


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personally I think all bmws are a cakewalk.


door panel top pop back and seals come right out...cake.

I was feeling the same way till this one came by! ha

See this is where my troubles pretty much started. I spent an hour & couldn't figure out to get a single panel off. I couldn't find one screw or anything? I took off the trim, popped the bottom clips out & it still wouldn't budge. I tried to peel the tops back to grab the seals but there was this big aluminium looking like rail that kinda wierded me out as for peeling it back (this one had the roll up screens that are part of the panel).

easy car. why did it take you so long?

Well after all that, I ended up having to tuck, & I hardly ever tuck, caause I'm not that great at it (apparently). In doing so I messed up on 3 windows.

Just when you think your becoming pretty decent, ya get knocked way back down ha :dunno

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:lol Top of those panels don't just 'pop back' like previous versions....

The rears tuck fairly easy

BG and 1/4 window =cake

Once you figure out the panels on the front doors and snatch out the rails the fronts are pretty easy as well :lol

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