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Looks really great, I would maybe suggest altering the wording on a few items but I'm being picky.

Overall its a nice clean website and I look forward to seeing what is added in the future. You are throwing it to the wolves here and I respect that and appreciate anyone who is willing to take constructive criticism.

"Shatterproof" - I wouldn't say that since glass will still break but the film will retain it in place.

"Prevents fading" - Maybe reduces etc... something like that since we all know we can't stop it but we can slow the process down a lot.


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Keep on mind I will be adding a lot more pics and possibly some you tube feeds of us installing film in different applications with voice overlay... Any thoughts or suggestions???

Looks good. I concur on a couple of LTL's points. I would also add some additional pictures to the pages. Maybe something that scrolls through photos like what you have in the graphics section. :beer

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