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Upgrading Warranties


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Want some feedback on using same film, a CS manufacturer lifetime warranty, but offering it as a 5 year warranty then charging extra for lifetime. When manny's first offered lifetime this was how they did it. Good way to make a little $ without adding more inventory.

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thats the whole concept behind EWF's new classic black line :D

Hi Scotty,

How are things around the Motor City?

CORRECT !!! The Classic Black is a CS based product with an upgradeable warranty designed to increase dealer profits and provide the opportunity for an upsell without having to increase inventory capital.

Not to mention that the film is a stunning knock out product, available exclusively from EWF.


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Guest filmslayer
Hi MobileTint,

Classic Black is still in beta mode now and will ship with the CS Warranty for a few more weeks. After that, the CS cards will be available for a small additional fee ($2.95-$3.95 is proposed). There are two reasons for this:

  • We have no desire to cannibalize the QDP Franchise, which is the strongest product we have ever sold. Customers who want the automatically included CS warranty would be better off purchasing QDP (do the math).
  • We want to provide our dealers with the opportunity for an up sell, without having to stock multiple lines. We hear over and over again that this is a major barrier in terms of capital and storage space. CB will allow our customers to increase their profits by 20%-40% by offering the optional CS protection.

We will formally announce the launch soon. The reorder and approval rate has been 100% thus far.


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Self-backing or self-funding extended warranties or no-fault warranties is a good way to increase capital.

Especially on auto, which doesn't use alot of film anyway, and, if you use a good film , will

only typically have the occasional seat belt nick to redo under said no-fault warranty. :hmmm

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