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Cut or Tuck @ the gasket

Guest jcoe

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Hey,  I learned to tint by pulling panels and tucking film behind gaskets.  I know this can be time consuming in some situations but I saw a guy marry the film to the glass and ran his red dot right across the (top) gasket.  He cut all of the access which I would have tucked.  It seemed REALLY quick.  It almost made me feel stupid for fighting all those fingers and tucking all that film. Does anyone else do that or have an opinion on this.  I'm just wondering trying to learn as many tricks as possible.

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Guest thatsnappyguy

I have a tip for you. Never take any advise from that tinter who cut the film on the rubber. That just ridiculous. There's no other way to better assure the failure of a job, than to do exactly what he did. Keep reading here, ask questions, but dont assume every answer you get is correct or better for you. What's good for you now like making an install easier by cutting away the excess film, which is mainly for anchoring the film down to the glass to avoid the rubber from peeling it away, is a horrible way to star a career.

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And a great way to end it.

In order to be great at anything you have to learn what not to do.

I dont just want to clean windows with towels

I dont cut on rubber gaskets

i dont wear cotton shirts or hoodies while instaling

i dont have dirty hands when working with film

I dont force film under a gasket

I dont cut at the gasket.

Trial and error. Youll learn. And as said earlier, not everyone is right. What i dont do. Some may do and be fine.

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I dont remove panels for two main reasons, I am lazy, and customers acts hostile towards that if I try to remove anything.

Its not always easy install, for example 1998 BMW 5 is just joy of life, but can be done and can be done very good.

on the other hand, I cannot imagine cutting film on rubber gasket, try to do it on superb 2011 front doors have plastic coverage on front door speaker which takes about 1,5inch into visible part of window, would love to see how you cut film inside on that car:)

What I am trying to say is, fast job doesnt necessarily means a good one, if you can do good job with pulling panels just continue to do so, after two weeks customer doesnt know if he spent 1 or 3 hours in your shop, but he knows damn good if you did good job as he see his windows for rest of his days with that car.

pull and tuck = win win

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