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2012 beetle


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Who is going to be the first lucky bastard to tint one :lol They look easier than previous models. Frameless doors. They are not on the lot here yet. I am sure every gay bastard in town will be flocking in to get one when they hit. :lol

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We got one the other day but I can't tint it. It is a demo. We should have the real ones here by tomorrow. The car looks great. A man can actually own one of these now. A man who is heterosexual as well. I have to say, the back window looked just as bad as before lol but maybe not as long. We will see

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yeah the body is different, nicer...not as girly. Doors are frameless and no need to pull panels. Still has the plastic trim pieces on top of the door panels but they are not in the way whatsoever. Doors are easier to shrink. Quarters are smaller and only need a little shrinking. I will say it is probably easiest to take apart the trim pieces around the back window to install. I didn't and it is a little tricky getting the film onto the glass as the trim kind of overlaps the window, similar to the older model.

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