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2005 300c

Guest loopy

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Hey tinter's, I have a 2005 300c that needs stripped and re-tinted, I have read some others have said that when they remove the film on the rear glass the defroster lines come off ?? This is my first 300 surprisingly...

Is this a common problem on this car, any tips on removing the film off the rear and be safe with the defroster lines? Or chances they will come off? If there is a high chance that it will jack up the defrosters I would rather not fool with it. The film has been on the car for 6 years now and color stable not sure what brand is on the car. Any advice would be appreciated.

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still be careful when pulling the film off either steaming or sweating. Go slow and watch the lines to see if they are pulling off. Should be fine as I think the problem with these Chrysler defrosters is rare. I steamed one and the film came off very easily and still ended up taking a couple lines with it. Very aggravating. Like I said this is pretty rare though

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