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Cut Glass Mosaic pics


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Did that install like the rain glass? We just did some RG and I did not really like how it squegeed and the frames were deep so cutting it was a PITA as well. I thing that material may be similar.

No, I apply the rain glass film dry, that's how I did that wave pic I posted a wile back, if you look at the liner on the rain glass film you will see air pockets and once applied using water it will not stick very well due to all the water the film will hold in the dinples on the adhisive side.

The Mosaic film on this job I used water and a soft hard card verticaly and horazantaly to aplly it to make sure I removed most of the water.

I snaped a few blades when cutting around the hold downs.

I always roll them types of film a day or two before install with the adhesive on the inside, so it will not want to curl off the glass if water is used to apply it.

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