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Hey tinters, I have a navigator in today and just curious to know how you guys cuts the rear roll ups ?

When I roll the rear window down it comes out of the frame on the side towards the front of the window...any help ?? Thank you

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mark it with a china marker as you roll it down from the outside. then you can see how much to hide. Gotta roll the window down lower than usual when you start to apply it.

I never knew how to use the marker and figure how to cut film never had any luck, id like to see how its done using a marker instead of doing what I do.

What I did was cracked the window, first cut the top edge then front, Squeegee the film in place. Then hold film at the bottom and lift, roll the window down till the part that pulls away finish my cut, roll window up till cracked again lift film up top spray some slip lift n cut bottom worked perfect for me...

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