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Guess whos back. Back again

the tint doctor

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Hey guys. Been nearly a year. Made great friends in the industry. And been very busy. I left my job of 16 years and decided it was time to have a go. I'v been in buissiness for nearly 12 months and and growing all the time. Devil thanks for all your help mate. You are an asset to this industry and really appreciate sll your support. Tough tints Ballarat. Your my boy. I'm proud of you mate. Check out my website. Needs some work. kustomwindowtinting.com.au .

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hey man..... checked out the website....tight man very tight... how'd you get the tint selector on it>????? by the way 500,000 doesn't need thousand written after it ya hairy wog.... lol ........ BIG SHOUT OUT to all those hidden melbourne tint shop owner's Rich is the best in the biz... every body needs this guy helpin them cause trust me he brings the quality.

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