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Heat Guns


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Guest Diamond Tints
check out the Steinel heat guns. I been using heat guns for a long long time and this is the best around in my opinion for higher end guns.

Welcome to the board :D


Steinel is defo the one to have ( i got 5 of them ):rollin

Dunno if you get them over there buy I use Bosch heatguns.

Lightweight and longlasting.

Mr Boo are you serious ? my 1st one lasted about 3 years, , last ones i had where averaging 3 weeks, got them to f**k, you've been off the tools too long boy

As for wagner, makita etc, i've never tried them so cant comment :lol

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Guest tint325i

agreed, never had much luck with Bosch, last about a month with me, and the slow start is just a pain, I'm having alot of problems with the dewalt ones just now, used to be brilliant but they have changed something with the thermal cut out now, i have 4 of them here that will run for one or 2 windows then will cut out and not run again for an hour or so

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