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Look what I did to my plotter today


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Im at the dealership and needed to dump the trash can, so I go get the golf cart to put the can on the back and take it to the dumpster. While backing it in, I forget there are no brakes. I slam the golf cart into my plotter which is against a concrete wall, sheared off the screws that are holding the plotter to the base, as well as the brackets that hold the rollers. The plotter was barely sitting on top of the base, luckily it didnt fall off. I replaced the screws that were sheared off, bent the brackets back straight, put her back together, and did a test cut....she still works.

I couldnt believe it would still work. I hit this thing so damn hard that two techs came to ask what happened. Now I have a battle scar on the front. Im getting SSK to order me a new front plate.

Roland makes a damn good plotter. Its still square, and still cuts.


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