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I have been getting more and more calls for printed stickers, something I currently do not offer. I have noticed some companies have printer/cutters in one machine and I was curious on the pros and cons of these, and if anyone had some info. I have a 42" cutter now that I do ppf,tint and vinyl with and didn't know if I should just get printer. What sizes,brands do you reccomend? I would possibly like to get into small wraps also, so I know I would need a laminator as well. TIA for all the comments and opinions.

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Guest scottydosnntkno

from what I understand when I was looking into printers a while ago, they are either a good printer or a good cutter, but not both. You'd be better off getting a separate printer and cutter.

Anyone can correct me if i'm wrong

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Get ahold of a Roland Soljet III SC545-EX if you want to jump into wraps and such, it's a 54" p/c- I use one daily for signs, banners, perf'd vehicle window graphics, wraps, etc. A super workhorse both print and cut. print it, laminate it, stick it back in printer to register and contour cut then weed mask apply.

Seen a couple on ebay recently going for less than 8K, its not the newest model from Roland but it's a damn fine machine long as it was taken care of.

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