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Coming to America #3

Guest potzy

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...yep, coming across the pond for a birthday treat and will be attending the Californian Super Bike School at Vegas Motor-sport Park in November and was hopeing to meet up with some fellow tinters while we are out there....anyone fancy a beer :beer .

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ahhh well, not to worry..il; post up some pictures for you when we return from the school and hopefuly some of the rental car thats going to get one hell of a fxcking hamering..its a British tradition you see :thumb

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Potzy , You were 2009 750cc runner up ................. and you're going to superbike school ???????? What the ---- J.K. , :lol2 Did you have a choice in tracks ? I was fortunate enough to "go to school" at Laguna Seca , so just wondering ( several yrs. ago ). Have a great time. p.m. your # ,we were thinking of going there to play some golf, if we do I will hook up with ya'll. If not make sure you put up some pics. ---- keep the shiny side up ----

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