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Pontiac Vibe 2009

Guest poulin03

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What you are probably doing is cutting the film and then lowering for the micro-edge(on top). Correct?

So, how ever much you lower the film will determine how "short" your film is.

The order in which you cut the film is important....

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Do a search on here or google... The correct way to cut it would be (for example) cut right vertical side, shift the film over to the right approx. 1/4" or more(depending on how much the window shifts from side to side when rolled up and down) then cut the left vertical side, and finally the top two edges(top horizontal and angled edge)...

Then when installing you will be able to gage the proper gap on top without having any gaps on the sides.

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I'm surprised nobody has said to leave it long and just shave it.

Since it's an exposed edge you are having trouble with.

Oh and I don't shave.

Kats, I usually shave the edges...thought about suggesting it, but from the post seems like that would require even more explanation??? :lol

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