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Sun steeming back glass tint removal


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I've used this technique numerous times. The results always vary however. I've had times where the tint comes off and leaves absolutely nothing behind. Then other times it will peel off and leave a light glue residue that is easily scrubbed off. Lastly, there are times it does nothing. It's plenty hot where I live so that's not a problem. I have a roll of defective 15% tint I use to trap the water, and I usually wait 15-30 minutes before peeling. Is there a certain length of time I should wait before peeling? I feel like I'm either peeling too soon or too late. Thanks.

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I would say buy a steamer! No harsh chemicals and will do the same job. I use to sweat off film until I bought stamer and haven't looked back. I would let it set longer for better results, like TNT said you might have to re-wet it again. Some films will react differently to it as you see, I think it depends on the glue type and length of installation.

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Guest filmslayer

it really boils down to the film you are try to remove . here i dont need to let it set in the sun more than 15min , on more stubborn film i will re-apply ammonia once . i have found that if it wont bake off wit a bag than a steamer isn't of much use either ...

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Guest tint phantom

Used this method sense the middle 1980's, Save your money and health. use Joy Liquid dish soap instead of ammonia, A yard leaf trash bag, about 33 gal. one cut bottom and one side out so it makes one large sheet instead of old tint, apply this on inside of window and park it in sun facing the sun. clean the outside of glass it will help work faster if clean. keep the windows and doors closed helps too. this only works on mostly sunny days. If the soap solution dries re wet and try again in a half hour. Some tint have more aggressive adhesive than other's so expect some glue left on glass and clean as needed.

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We sweat this way all the time, slit Costco bag, cut to fit, Windex away w/packing tray towels or shammys...

Let sit in the sun, longer the better, bag it inside & out if the sun is weak, run heater on high w/recirc pressed w/dash vents only, defrost pressed (timed? hit it each time).

Peel slow at approx. 45 deg. angle, take your time it saves scrub time. Adhesive residue can be softened by reapplying above process w/old tint (bag(s) too).

Imho this should get the job done most of the time, S.O.S. pad or 000 steel wool w/Windex to mop up the rest. Charge 'em like crazy, over twice the time req. :thumb




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When removing be careful and pull slowly looking for the rear defroster to come off. It burned me recently had to replace$750 bg. I have later found out probably defective defroster, but custy doesn't know that, it seems to happen on late model cars more than anything else.

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