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Is there a tool

Guest OneTen

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that you have thought to yourself in certain situations "why has some one not invented this type of tool yet..."

What would it be/do

-Joe G

one that puts the tint on for you.

Yeah, you are the tool for that, ya tool! :hmmm

I'd rather watch natgeo and drink coffee in the mornings though

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Since i havent made it and probably wont. Heres an idea i had.

For the BG. Like the frankie method. I had an idea to use 2 lengths of about 30" door sweep. With the 1 3/4 rubber. Mount it to some type of steel stock. With a swiveling action where the door sweeps mount. And down fron there it would scissor. So it would allow you to put the rear window film on the large rubber ends. Fold the mechanism to get into the car and start scissoring open to apply BG film.

Idea was to allow easy install of BG for a single person. When i think of something as much as i tell myself its awesome. I also think of the negatives.

Big problem was that i would need to make the pivor point for the scissoring action, real low. As not to pinch the film. Especially with the top part being angled with the BG. The rubber seemed thick enough to allow for contours of many BGs. I geuse you would still need 2 hands to open it. And just as much of a likelyhook of creasing film with whatever material hangs over the edge of the rubber peice. Sounded like a cool idea iin my head. But when i got to the hardware store and found materials. It wasnt cost effective to build vs. what i could gain from it. So i switched to the TTC fold and forget about trying to better the techniques of the frankie install

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