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Got my posts deleted on another forum


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I was perusing that forum and came across and I quote "We prefer the Wincos over the Huper since you get more privacy, it comes in darker shades and blocks more IR heat." and "WINCOS blocks more In-fared heat then any other films on the market period" and though I should explain infrared heat rejection and how it can be misleading and was sort of calling the poster out to maybe have a good exchange. Then promptly got my posts deleted and told pretty much that he sponsors the forum and can make any claims he wants without having to back them up.

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:lol Looks like they kept your post up?

For the record... you can tell them that there is a Huper Ceramic 05 at 5% vlt.

:spit I think it's pretty dark...

can you inform us on the specs on that 5?...or a link to it on their website?

Here you go I'll give you C-15 too:


15% VLT

17% VLR

99% UV

96% IR

73% TSER


6% VLT

14% VLR

99% UV

92% IR

75% TSER

100% non-metal/100% non-dye

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:lol Looks like they kept your post up?

For the record... you can tell them that there is a Huper Ceramic 05 at 5% vlt.

:spit I think it's pretty dark...

Those are my new posts that have been allowed. My original posts, which were much more in depth in explaining infrared and heat rejections, were deleted. I didn't call him names or anything but I was kind of calling him out to hopefully have a good exchange. They got deleted and I got a message:

"We welcome your membership here and when you have spent some time getting acquainted, you may even call our sponsors into question on the accuracy of their posts. However I do not think it is kosher for your first post to be accusing our friend, sponsor and a sensor member for this forum for lying to its membership.

I hope you do not take this as a personal insult. I have nothing against you but I don't think your attack on David's character was warranted. "

I never attacked his character, I never insulted him, I just called into question his statements and explained in length why I felt they were wrong. I explained that to the admin and received this:

"You are right. You did not attack his character but I don't think it is fair that any person in direct competition with a sponsor can come on this forum and begin to call into question the truthfulness of his statements. If you were a standing member that would be allowed. However if does nothing but disparage him, big attention to yourself and force him to respond. If every tint company in north Dallas did this I would leave.

I am not sure what brought you here. If you are a car enthusiast and would like to discuss issues with like minded people then you are in the right place. If you are here because a friend told you that someone 'dissed' your star product, then this is not the place for you.

I encourage you to look around and make yourself at home."

I understand he is trying to protect his sponsor but do go lying to explain why my post got deleted.

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