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customer wants illegal film

Guest fredstinting

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Guest fredstinting

Saturday 1st of october I went to a customer home to tint his van only had driver/passanger windows and 2 side windows on the passanger side of the van.. Customer asked to see the darkness of the film . I show him 35% on the front doors he startes to bitch about not dark enough and i show him with a tint meter it brings the dark on the glass to 28 % which is darkest legal in florida on front doors ... he begins pointing out his neighbors dark tint on their cars . Then he tells me what he wanted and i said 35% what you get on the front doors . I move to the side doors and show him 20% and 15% they are both not dark enough. so i take 20% and meter it on the window it drops down to 14% but still not good enough for him. he spent 45 minutes bitching about not dark enough and his wife finally comes out and says we want it illegal tint all the way around . i told them again I only do legal installation .

then i said if you want i can go to walmart and buy gloss black spraypaint and tint your van with it but again you think i was not dark enough and i left ...

i hate customer that think just because they see everybody else with illegal tint they should get it too. he even told me he sign a waver for me to illegally tint his van .. no thanks on that one

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