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Mustang Complete

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After several of you advised against it, the remote start install is complete and here is a video of it in action as well as the magic behind the scenes to keep it safe.

From the beginning
(no fully prepped pictures)

the contraption that keeps this system safe. magnetic switch only closed when shifter is centered in neutral. this along with the parking brake, break the neutral (ground) wire.

During the initial install the custy thought his parking brake was too loose so he tightened the nut on it. 2 weeks later when he was up getting his second key programmed so we could program the bypass, he yanked on the brake and broke it at the equalizer. Get the new part in and I drive down to uncles while custy is in florida, show up and uncle says heres the part, heres the tool box, you fix it im busy. HAHA great so I figured it out as I went. Pretty cool

also while I had the car I tried out this spiffy vinyl cutting tape.... it works so so. hard to get it started, then it goes smoothly, but leaves a rough edge

and the final video

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