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Our car...Just an observation...firstly the front door glass is 50% thicker than the rear doors and rear screen

and this glass runs out of square by up to 5mm.


The rear screen does require a hefty shrink and your right about the stop light...lift from the front and and out.

You will need some sort of plastic bone to start to get it out.

The rear decks surround where the light sits in is a bit tight at the bottom and next time I do one I might cut the light out.


The rear door trims were a beauty to take off to expose the weatherstrip which is then a soda to remove.

You do need a very small blade to lift the door handle plastic cover plate off from the front of it first.

Why Nissan doesn't make an indent in it is beyond intelligence?


The other screw is in the armrest hidden over by a bit of plastic that does have an indent so all in all a couple of minutes and it's all off lovely.


But the fronts...whoa what a different matter.

I could only get it back far enough to slide the weatherstrip out and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what other part of the trim needed to be removed to allow the whole door trim to come off.


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