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2012 pathfinder back glass

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Hey guys, been a while since I posted

Had a 2012 pathfinder booked today and anyway I couldnt get the back glass easy without removing it and it was brand new and I work solo so I chose not to remove it iw en to my glass supplier and bought a window I saw it as an investment for future pathfinders as there is a sh!tload of them here in aus

anyway the glass I bought is aftermarket, its labeled 2005+ looks very similar except the 2012 has a dot matrix over the 3rd brakelight

I dry dhrunk and cut film on my new window, thinking sweet isntallin will be a breeze, wrong, massive figners everywhere and cut too small in 70% of places (note I cut it correctly on the other glass im not a newb)

anyway decided to wet shrink this time and I cut it 5mm bigger than normal all the way around except for the left hand side where it coems close to the rubber thats glues to screen for wiring

the size was better but not perfect and still had massive fingers like ridiculous sized.

so im wondering has the 2012 shape of the glass changed at all or could the aftermarket glass be completely the wrong shape ? to be honest even exactly where the ho9les are to bolt to the hinges I cut them out and they did not line up exactly they were about 5mm out

Thoughts ?

genuine glass is $1595 AUD LOL so not buying one of them

* before people say quit tinting, I run my own shop been in operation for 4 years, this is first car in over 2 years that has ever left the shop untinted, my work is attention to detail always so im not a hack.

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cheers guys, still interested to see if the brand new model does have different glass it loos very similar and they changed a few other cosmetics of the car and to order aftermarket glass it is dated from 2005-2011 and nothing available after then and the black ceramic is the same as the older of that model compared to different ceramic from the brand new model

got a price from a reckers for that window $600 LOL maybe on the next one il allow more time and pull the window out and try it

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