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    • By GSW-16
      I have the following tinting tools for sale - used only once to tint my car and they're of no use to me anymore.
      White Scrub Pad (Cut into 4 small pieces)
      Side Swiper Handle Squeegee
      Plastic 13 Point Utility Knife
      Lil' Chizler
      OLFA Stainless Steel Blades
      EZ Reach Hard Card - Gold
      Power Stroke Squeegee - Yellow
      Unger Pro Squeegee Handle
      5" Blue Max Squeegee Blade Angle Cut
      4" Teflon Hard Card Squeegee - Gold
      4" Teflon Hard Card Squeegee - Black
      Attached are reference pictures for each item - I paid $62 for all of it but willing to let go for $42.
      Would prefer pickup, can be shipped (Shipping on buyer)
      P.s. I hope it's the correct category I'm posting this topic in.
      PM me










    • By BrookfieldTint
      Hey Ladies and Gent
      I currently do a lot of wiring and diagnosing for my job.  I work for a window tinting company which also installs remote starters, car alarms, car audio, cameras, and monitors.  Many times I come across electrical problems since most of my day is wiring.  For the most part I just use a power probe and it does the trick.  I can figure out many problems with that tool and would not trade it for anything.  
      With this said what other tools do you guys find helpful?  Anyone who does wiring or troubleshooting  on a daily basis feel free to chime in.
    • By flipflopless
      Has anyone used the conquistador yet? If so whats the pros and cons versus the conqueror? (which i love).
    • By austinalexan
      Hey guys I'm new to tinting and tinting on Monday. Aside from the spray bottle and solution, can you give me a list of the tools you'd recommend with links to buy them so I know to get the right ones for sure?? I'm just going to be doing the back two windows of a 2001 Acura CL coupe. Thanks!   (I provided the pic to show you what the back two windows look like) 

    • By sierra@flexfilm
      We at Flexfilm know that your busy season is in full swing and we wanted to lend a hand by hosting a raffle for FREE film and installation tools! This raffle will close at 12pm EST on July 31. Every post constitutes an entry and there is NO limit as to the number of entries you can have! Enjoy!

      Panaflex (Nano-Ceramic Charcoal) 20% 24" x 100' Roll
      Terraflex (Color Stable Nano-Carbon) 35% 20" x 100' Roll
      Tint Tac Quart
      Pre Tac Quart
      Flexfilm 10' Pocket Clip Tape Measure and Pen
      Lil Chizler (Pink)
      4" 3M Blue Squeegee
      White Hard Card
      Gasket Push Stick (White)
      Platinum Smart Cardz
      Titan Squeegee
      The Bulldozer
      Heavy Duty 1" Razor Scraper
      NT Pro A1 "Red Dot" Knife
      White Scrub Pad (2)