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Dillsburg man appeals window tinting citation to state Superior Court

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" Yep sure thing. Us "morons" will keep getting you rich because you have no clue on how the prepare a defense. If you know what you were talking about you would know that you are ONLY allowed 70% tinting on a vehicle NOT 30%. 30% tint on a factory window will lower the transmittance level to approx. 21.3%. From factory windows are tinted approx. 82% and with adding any film will cause it to go below 70%. BUT now the "know it all" that you are, I bet you didnt even know that the Table X was adopted by penn dot and was NEVER voted in to a law! So of coarse us "morons" will make you rich because you have no clue as to what you are defending!!!!!!! "

^ Who is that guy talking to? 3rd or 4th comment...

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