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To funny, ( not tint related)

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So I have a friend who has a insatiable need to feel like he is the big man on campus....new car every 6 months, new Rolex every year, blah blah blah. So he was dating this girl for the better part of 10 years, always buying her jewelry and showing it and her off......Fast forward 2 years...he gets caught with another girl and they split up. Now...she is dating the guy who was the best man at my wedding ( great guy ) and they go out for dinner to celebrate her birthday and she somehow looses a 1.5 karat diamond earring that was given to her for a Xmas present by her X.....we convince her the best thing to do is make a necklace out of the one she still has. So off to the jeweler.....he looks at the diamond stud and asks her why she wants to spend the money.......it's a FAKE......haaaaaa. I called her X and asked him if he does all his jewelry shopping on QVC.

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