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Deep Dyed Films - privacy screen application

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Guest bobgood47

I am working with a company that has a customer requirement of using a film as a privacy screen on an in flight display. The information they have conveyed to me is they want a deep dyed polyester film with either a .3ND or .6ND optical density reading. The film is to be laminated to a piece of glass so the addition of a psa on the film would be very advantageous - otherwise they would need to toll coat an optically clear adhesive to the film and then laminte the film/psa to the glass panel. The film also cannot have any metallic coating since this apparently interferes with some electronics being used in the display. The last issue they have been facing is there is a requirement for a border of black ink that needs to be screen printed on the film to block out close proximity viewing past the glass panel into the electronics behind the glass panel. So far they have been having ink adhesion issues to the film - tape test fails.

Supposedly this company had been getting a product from CP Films previously when they were doing the project themselves. The person we are dealing with has not been able to or won't (for some reason) provide information as to what had been used previously. A link to a web site under Flexvue ( http://www.flexvuefilms.com/en/Dyed-Films.aspx ) has been supplied but when I call their number all I get is a customer service type who is not familiar with any of their products and simply takes information and passes it onto the correct division or department - which hasn't happened yet.

Wonder if anyone knows of a product that would function in this application and have information of someone to contact to discuss. We have looked at Lee Filter material (209 & 210) but this material does not have a psa nor will it stand up to Isopropol Alcohol, Acetone and a screen wash solution that is used to screen print the border. Also looked at Roscolux, Solar Graphics, Gam Products and all have failed the screen printing facit of the project.

Any help or suggestions on this type of film would be greately appreciated. Also looking for any leads on Anti Glare / Anti Reflective and Anti Fog types of films for some other projects we are doing.

Another semi related question - I scanned a number of forums before doing this posting looking for information on dry film adhesives. This appears to be very prevalent on window films and appers to be relatively easy to install the film with this type of adhesive. Looking at applications of window films for the automotive and commercial projects it appears the surface is cleaned thoroughly, misted with I assume a water solution, film applied, squeegeed and then the excess trimmed off. My question is how durable is this adhesive and will it stand up to UV exposure? I am quite familiar with psa's and oca's but don't have any experience with a dry film adhesive.



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