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Guest VaTinterPMan

Havn't got a Sample Roll yet to use but I found this Company and I called and talked to the Owner for over 45 minutes about his film how its made and so on...A great guy but once again I havn't used his film yet but this guy knew so much about film he was/is been tinting for over 26 years...He is also a member here on the board.. But he has a lot to offer From Ceramic to a Dyed film..So maybe check out his webpage or give his films a try.http://www.flexfilmdistribution.com/ The number on the page I'm guessing is his direct line If not ask to speak to the owner..And some of you guys might already know him on here...

But once I get the film and Play around with it on some cars and get some pics I'll Post what I think about it...

This is actually his ceramic film and the owner shrinking it for you...


This is also his Channel on youtube with some great videos even a video to show you how to help make more money with you showing customers how the film blocks heat with a Box he manufactured....Lots of great stuff in his channel check it out... http://www.youtube.com/user/FlexFilmDistribution

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