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Question about my tints

Guest maneomg

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I had my car tinted at a local shop yesterday. While driving today I saw an air bubble on the driver side window. It is the little line going down towards the top of the window. Will the window need to be re-tinted or can they fix it?

Here is a picture -


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Take it back don't do it yourself unless you have the proper tools

I took it back to the installer. He used a heat gun and squeegee to get the air bubble out, but it only minimized it. He told me that I should wait until it has completely dried before we go any further.

Hard to tell from the reflection, but how close did ya have the camera.

And is this on a BMW

Good catch! It is a 2012 BMW M3. The tint they used was Llumar CTX all around and Air Blue 80 on the front windshield. The picture was taken from a very close range.

I hate it when customers try to fix it themselves but actually dont mind at all when they come back to me with a problem. Thats when I can show them what I mean by customer service.

I took your advice and had the shop take a look at it. They tried taking out the air bubble but only minimized it. Hopefully it looks much better when it has fully dried.

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Guest VaTinterPMan

Yeah it needs to be redone....Kinda weird how he could miss that though...Usually we would all say :dwiwd but it already has the guy is trying to delay it for some reason...

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