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Time for Remembering (mookie)

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For you hunny.

Mookie was 22 years old this year.... She will always be loved by me and TD. She was the most prettiest kitty I have ever seen.... She always made me smile and was always happy to see her Daddy. She was the most affection cat I know, greeted anyone who come into the house.... She was put to rest today...

Rest in Peace my Little daughter. :cry








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I posted this in an LOTP, but it will just get lost in there...

The vet appointment didn't go well. Not like I thought it would go anyway.

They took her away to put a Iv catheter thing in, then the vet came back and said she was being 'opinionated' and they needed to give her a tranquilizer to get it it.

So she comes back with Mookie tranquilized and she's not handling the tranq well att all couldn't breath and was barely conscious.

I told the vet to do it, and Mookie pretty much died before she could finish the injection. She must have been so scared.

I'm really torn up.

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Guest VaTinterPMan

I am sorry for your loss TD and Mrs TD....We just lost our family cat named Patches of 18 1/2 years...I am really torn up about it too...She died with us at home, It was hard to watch...It was about a month ago. and we just got a new kitten that looks somewhat close to patches being Black and White that is..And she acts just like Patches used too...

But like someone else said, A Pet can or is just as important as a family member...It was the first pet I have ever lost in my life...

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