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SEMA 2012

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G'day guys.

Finally coming to the USA. Mainly for the SEMA show. Is VEGAS the bonus LOL?

8 Days, no wife or 18 month old. I will miss em!!!

6 best friends and all car nuts.

Get in on Sat morning and drive straight to Vegas. Flamingo.

We have the Sunday finals tickets for the Big O tire Nationals.

49ers tickets I think their for the Monday night.

Lakers game for the weekend. Then home on Sun night.

Are there any "HUGE" old car junk yards left? Or have they all been cleaned up of the old stuff?

Are there any late night car gatherings, all legal of course LOL....

I'm more into the muscle cars of the 60's & 70's but donuts tire smoke and noise from anything will do.

Cant wait for it!!!

Anyone else going?

Any sugestions and what else would you do if you were in my shoes :drool

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The Hard Rock casino has had a car showing I think was Friday night ( last day of sema) on the east side of the hotel. A lot of cars from the show but also some other local stuff. I have went the last few years. Not 100% if its happening this year or not.

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Places to go in LA.

Friday Night - Bobs Big Boy in Burbank

Saturday AM - Donut Derlicts in Huntington Beach, Cars n Coffee in Irvine. If I chose one of the two it would be DD all day.

Petersen Museum in LA is worth taking a look at too.

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One of the hotels in vegas had a car museum, not sure if they still got it, one of the locals can tell you.


If your talking about the exotic car dealer in Ceasers Palace it I'd no longer.

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