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Joining films and shading differences

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just fitted a large single pane window 2.2m x 1.75m. Due to the location I had to put the join horizontally so you have a 1,52m with a .7m piece joined to it. (overlap method was used)

The film was cut from the same roll, same part of the roll. It is a vlt 10% and fully reflective dyed film.

Having now explained the background, my question/problem is that even though the film was matched in the box, when the film is joined they look like difference shades/colours.

I did do a search on the forum and I remember some threads about joining film sand colour differences, but it did not say why this happened or how to prevent it. I would of thought running the film next to each other in the same direction it came out of the box would make it match, but it appears not.

Any imput welcome


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Guest Malcolm E Boo

Cartwheel all the time, always have difficulty explaining without using a small bit of film. The diagram above is downloaded and printed.

NIce one :thumb

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