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Here's a Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition that received a full frontal install...

I'll keep the pictures to a minimum this time :)

First, I removed the emblems from the fenders, hood and front bumper...


Full hood coverage...


An extra 1/4 inch of film was left in order to completely wrap all edges...


Passenger fender...


Drivers fender...


Headlights covered...


All done!...


Emblems reapplied...


A few afters...




Thanks for looking!

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Guest Invisibra.net

Holy wasting film batman! You need a cutting table so you can do an 'oversize' pattern to start with. I use the tire cut-outs to d headlights, & can tuck the two fender pieces somewhat into each other on a 36" wide roll of film.

Otherwise, Really nice, with all the emblem removal, etc!

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Nice work. One thign you might try which I recently discovered is to freeze the emblems and then pop them off. I use a bag of ice to freeze them and then they easily pop off without leaving any double sided tape on the car.

Great job on the install. I have owrked on a few in that color and it is much better in person than in photos. I am kind of like Norm on wasting film. I will lay it up there first with the liner o and trim the excess off. Helps me save film that I can use on other areas... bringing the profit margin up. But you guys look like you have installing down.

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