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West Knox intro - We tint the cars you guys hate.


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Hello fellow tinters. My name is Derek, I work here in west knoxville (turkey creek area) and am old fart to tinting. Well ok not that old but a ripe 37yrs young. Been lurking these forums for ages, signed up last march and though what the hell. I recently moved up here to TN after owning a shop in FL for many years. Got tired of the crap down in the deep deep south, crappy cars, cheap prices and illegals. Yeah I said it hah. So far, loving the TN life and the tinting isnt bad either.

I work here at Turkeycreek tinting and we deal with mostly upper end cars and clients. You know, the picky ones you hate with the pita cars. It sure beats crawling over those ghetto ride back seats with 5lbs of animal crackers, diapers and stinky shoes all on the floor lol. Yeah been there and no thanks! Sure we tint the average "normal" car at times but for the most part its BMW, Lexus, Benz and weekend toys. Love it! Although, we are about the customer more than anything we try to keep a very high standard when it comes to quality. Afterall, our slogan is "We are a service company that happens to sell solar solutions" so kissing azz is priority 1 :) With it comes the $$$. Looking forward to sharing some stories, tips tricks and learning a few along the way and hopefully not earning any purple hearts heh. As with any good intro here are a few pics of a typical day in west knox.







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