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Why You Should Never Stop Advertising


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Every so often I hear that someone “needs” to stop advertising because it is their “off season” or that they need to cut back on advertising to save money.

This is a critical mistake and in most cases will cost you big. If you stop advertising, many things can happen. First and foremost, your savvier competition will not stop advertising.

Ask yourself this key question when you are thinking of stopping or even cutting back on advertising. How will potential customers know about your business opportunity or franchise if you do stop advertising?

The answer is that they won’t. So, before you think that no sales can be procured in what you may think is your “off season” or that somehow cutting back on your advertising budget is a wise move think again.

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not that I disagree with this article, but I did not advertise $1 this last year. And had my best year of just tinting ever. I tint 3 cars to my comps 1 and he advertises heavily. However I am good and his work sucks. Should I have had any real comp. I would advertise. :thumb

I resemble this statement :thumb

I have to respectively disagree with the advertising notion. Too many variables in individual businesses to say everyone needs to . If I was expanding and had to keep employees busy, I would. Since I do all work myself and am never without work, it would be spending money to generate work to just turn down.

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