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The good customer. Do you have a story?

Tint Wife

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We seem to always talk about the worst of our customers and rarely our good ones, so I figure it's about time we had a thread for just that. A place to talk about the one's that made our day, gave us a laugh or just made us smile.

I'll start.

This morning I took a call from Bob. He wanted a quote to tint his car.

Me, "What type of car do you have Bob?"

Bob,"Umm hang on a minute, "Helen, what type of car do we have?" , She thinks it's a Subaru"

Me, "OK, do you know which model? "

Bob,"Hang on,I'll check"

Well Bob checked three times. I can tell you where he bought the car, the vin number, where has it serviced, but not what model it is.

After some prompting I got it down to a sedan, the rest I'll find out Wednesday when he comes in....fingers crossed, he remembers. :D

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Dont have a funny one but I do have legit good one, I got a call yesterday from someone I tinted about a week ago (whihc usually has me freaked out as soon as they say "Hi, you tinted my car about a week ago...) He told me that he just had to call to tell me how absolutely thrilled he was with the job (it was an R and R from his buddy that "tints on the side") he praised me for a few minutes and said he was going to tell everyone about me. FIrst time I've ever had a custy go out of their way to call and tell me that, felt good.

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Guest VaTinterPMan

I got a good one.....

A customer called asking about a quote and what % of film was legal here for Va...I tell the customer what it is and he says that he has a prescription from his dermatologist because of skin Cancer....I than tell him that in this state you have to fill out a form and your doctor signs off on it than it gets approved by the state pretty much...And he said thats what he meant. So I say ok make a apt. to have his 4 door accord to come in at the end of the week....

The gentle man arrives early and I am finishing up another car just cleaning off windows and checking my work to make sure everything is ok....My wife comes back with the form or well supposedly what was the certificate approving him for a exemption....Turns out it was a piece of notebook paper Stating...... John Doe has a serve issue with Dandruff and needs to stay out of the sun as much as possible.....And some fake doctor Sig. So I walk around front and say " hmmm everything seems to be in order, but? why are you smoking a cig without a hat or something on to protect yourself? " He looks at me and says you got me!!! I started to loose it :lol2

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Years ago I got a call from a guy wanting film on his house. When I arrived I asked what he wanted to achieve with the window film. He told me it was for his son. Basically the son was allergic to the sun. When I saw him, he was about ten and all swollen. I was told the meds made him swell up like a balloon. His skin would burn and blister within minutes in the sunlight and it was very painful.

I installed a 20% film throughout the house. He then talked me into tinting his mini van and car. I also installed a 70% film on his windshield.

A month later he sends me a mail thanking me for all the work I did. His son can walk around the house without being covered up and lathered in lotion. Also, when they took him to school they had to cover him in a sheet. Now they can drive for 20 minutes without lotion and a sheet.

Last year he contacted me again about his new house. When I arrived, I did not recognize the son. He look thin and normal and old enough to drive. The son told me how rough his life was prior to me installing the film. Now he said he can live a normal life.

I ended up installing film on the new house. I also installed film on the kid's new car.

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There was a program called Project Impact that I was involved in. A few months before 9/11 I did an installation for an inner city non profit day care center. I donated my time, manufacturer donated the materials. I installed security film to every window where a child would be next to. About six months after the install I got a call from the director wanting to know the price for installing on a pane of glass. I thought I missed something. No they had to replace some glass. I told her no charge.

When I got there she told me what happened. The mowing crew was mowing the back side of the building. They caught a stone almost the size of a softball. It flew up and hit the window. That room was full of four year olds watching the mowing crew. The window if I remember correctly was a 5x4 pane. The rock rot the glass about head level with these kids. it scared the snot out of the kids, but no one was hurt. Not one sliver of glass entered the room

She thanked me many times for installing this film. I received a poster in the mail from the kids. It was covered with crayon drawings from the kids writing thank you. I had it laminated and it is still on my office wall.

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