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Sliders in Crusty Work Trucks


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First pass is with a blowgun followed by a vacuum at the same time. Then a flush out with paper towels and a little foot several times. Then more air. One last little foot with a towel and ready to tint. If they are really nasty I wont tint all the way to the bottom to avoid that dirt ball suck up. Just leave a hairline gap at the bottom.

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Been doing these for 20 years , still looking for a better way. Thanks for the tips Dudes.

I tape the top ,clean,clean and more clean and to tint I pull 1/2 the backing sheet, lock down the back 1/2 of the slider , slide open clean and pull the rest of the backing sheet to finish off.

Still dont always turn out perfect, any other tips?

(And before coast2coast jumps all over me, I know it will never be perfect. lol.)

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