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Bad day

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Had a sh***y day today, all for same customer at the same place today. First off Mk5 golf 5 door, no big deal but I find the rear screens a bit of a chore. Then the guy asks if I have time could I do a Fiat 500 for his daughter , no problem I thought bring it over. 30 minutes later he turns up with it and asks if I'd mind fitting some parking sensors too ( I used to do a few bits like this). Again, no probs I thought. Tinted the 500 dead easy, started the parking sensors, phone rings, answered the call then drilled the holes in the bumper in the wrong place! Luckily the customer was ok and I managed to get away with only having two holes in the wrong place. So I fitted the sensors and did the tints for free to keep him happy. As of now only tinting for me.

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      Help me tint my living room windows

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      Help me tint my living room windows

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