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Broken windshield 1966 Ford F100

Guest toofazt

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Guest GlassGuy55

Installing the backglass and windshield are relatively easy. All you need is a rope and a "hook tool" or Cotter key removing tool. Push the glass out by starting in one of the upper corners. Using the hook tool to pull down on the rubber as you push out on the glass with your hands or feet. Continue across the top pushing the glass out, then work your way down the sides. Once the sides are loose just pull up on the glass and rubber to remove.

Take the rubber off the old glass and put it on the new glass. It is time to put the rope on the rubber. Using a cloth rope of around 1/4" or 3/8" in diameter put the rope in the slot in the rubber. You start at the bottom and leave about 6" of rope hanging out. Work the rubber into the slot all aroung the windshield until you come back to the bottom. Over lap the rope already in the slot a couple of inches and leave about 6" of rubber on that side as well. Use some glass cleaner or spray silicone to lubricate the rubber where it is going to contact the pinchweld. Set the glass and rubber into the opening. Gently pull one of the rope "pig tails" over the pinchweld. You may need to use the hook tool to get the rubber started and then continue with the rope working to the corners and just around the corner. Next, work the other rope out and around the side. Continue working up both sides. Once both sides are over the pinch weld you can work around the corner and do the top. Sometimes during this process it is helpful the gently hit the windshield with the flat of you hand to get the rubber all of the way in. If you have further questions, contact me through our americanglassandmirror.com/AutoGlass.html. Good Luck!

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