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Bought a used car with 3m tint, how can I figure out what tint was put


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No way to know exactly what line it is in 3M. Unless you know the original owner and they can tell you what shop it was done at. Really no reason to know unless you want to replace anything, and if you want to replace anything just strip and re tint everything so you know whats on there.

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Here were my reasons for wanting to know.

1. I bought it in TX, brought it to CA, so incase I get stopped by police due to state variance, I don't know if I am or am not legal.

2. If I want to put a radar detector in, I want to know if it is good ceramic, or if it is metallic, I would need to redo.

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Guest VaTinterPMan

If he fronts are done, it's most likely not legal in CA. Texas laws allow much darker than CA...

:bingo nothing is legal in California on the fronts unless it is above 70% which is pretty much just standard glass...You can get away with UV-Shield so it still blocks UV a-b rays.....

Or 3M Crystalline 90%

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