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This Past Sat Night.....


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Was a big 2 nite race program, and have done dirt track video several years, then took a few years off.

So, this past weekend, got invited to do video for the big 2 nite show, right below the flagstand, only about 2 feet behind the wall, had cars scraping the wall shooting sparks, never flinched, one came right towards me, did not flinch, was there to get good shots, have to get a copy of the memory card the production floks supplied and had to give back to them.


Sprint car race, freeze frame at about the 40 sec mark, the empty spot you will see is where I was at, but had to make a "pit stop" and missed it, the one shot I wished I had gotten, that woulda been about 18" from me.

Later this month is a big show at the track next door to this one, gonna see if the Promoter will let me film from the cutout in the wall where the lineup guy is, right at track level, will have to be right on the edge of the track to avoid getting the fence in the shot. Hopefully he will let me, as the 2 tracks are quite competitve with each other, this gives the second track a leg up on better and closer shots of the action.

For some reason, the Wife wants to know how much life insurance I got, wonder why ?

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Not mine, It belongs to Troy Taylor, won just about everything in Dirt track racing....

Kennedale Speedway Park and Cowtown Speedway have a fence seperating them, 2 tracks side by side.

There are about 5 or 6 tracks less than 45 min from the house.....

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Got that wrong in the previous post, got Cowtown Speedway, Kennedale Speedway Park, (the 2 tracks have a fence seperating them, different Owners)

RPM Speedway in Crandall, Devils Bowl in Mesquite, Mountain Creek Speedway in Dallas right next to a drag strip.

Yup !

Makes 5 tracks within 45 min !

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