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I really wish this would get over with, yes I have my politcal views, but if Romney wins, the Republicans will spend money. If Obama wins, the Democrats will spend money. When the republicans are in office we do more business related work, wraps, signs, magnets, etc. when the democrats are in office we do more window tint. Might not be true in your neck of the woods, but it is here lol.

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Guest thatsnappyguy

I say give obama another 4 years to atleast do something. It took 8 years to put the country in a whole, its gonna take more than 4 before we can start pushing forward. Romney is a good choice for the better of individuals, while Obama is trying to improve the country as a whole. It all depends on if you want a better life for the next generation, or just for yourself. Its whatever, the votes dont even really count since the electoral votes trump real ppl's vote anyway. I dont even think I will waste my morning voting.

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"Since it's an election year, I've decided to do something different for Halloween this year. I'm to be a liberal. Here's how it'll work:

When a kid comes to my door either in no costume, a miserable attempt at a costume or just has an empty or near empty bucket... I'll have them wait at my door.

Then, when a kid in a great costume or carrying a full or near full bucket comes to my door...I'll take some of their candy and give it to the other kids.

Maybe they'll have a fit and explain to their parents how redistribution really works."

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