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super tight trim on rear windows


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What's the deal with these friggin Subarus! the Trim is so tight it TOUCHES the glass on the sides, and you can't even shove a bulldozer down there!

I'm pulling the trim, but I want to know if you ballers can do these without that extra step.



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Just a scrubbie minus the handle will get down in there enough ( use a brand new blue 3M pad) as it will be stiff yet thin enough to her down there for cleaning and a 6" b/w angled cut squeegee finaled wirh a paper towel wrapped over a slammer.

As far as the tightness of the sides, a secret weapon I use that helps many times is RUBBER (not plastic) door stops . You jam one on each side where the 2 plastics meet and the non slipness of the rubber forces the side panel slightly beyond the black border of the glass.

Not THE way, only A way :thumb

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Thanks for the advice.

Yes, the side trim clips were mangled....

and funny thing about the rear deck, I have pulled these before, and you don't gain that much clearance after pulling it..... the trim is basically tight to the deck right at the corners.

I don't have any blue pads, but I'll check them out.

and I'll give the door stop trick a shot!

thanks fellas

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Guest VaTinterPMan

I would show it to the customer first or at least take pics for sure....What I have done before is use a Nickel ( .5 cents ) and shove it in the trim so it would release from the back glass Tint and let dry while doing the other windows and maybe let it sit in the sun, Than I take a Hard Card and put a little pressure on it so the I can Slide the Nickel back out....Never had a problem...

I hate taking out rear decks or panels, I had a set break on me way back and only do it for the certain cars, like the 300M and a rare few others....

Hope this helps man :thumb

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Had a Passat the other day with a similar setup. I wedged the side trim like TW was saying, then frankie to slide it in at the bottom. To get the sides in I just slide the piece side to side to feed it in the trim. Green tail fin to get down there in the bottom and push the water out. Haven't found a car that the tail fin won't work. Well maybe one or two but usually pop the BL out on those.

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Guest VaTinterPMan

Oh yeah thats on a Corolla S right?? About a 2003 - 2005...Taking a guess let me know if im right....But I think im close..

The very first sentence of the thread says suburu :lol

True I missed that....Was Skimming through pretty fast this morning.... At least I gave you a good laugh this morning... :beer

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