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you might be a redneck


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the squirrel ducks behind the curtian and hides behind it on my window ledge. Now I am like WTF I don't want to shoot out my window. So I start tossing stuff at the curtain until he starts moving. He sticks his head over the top of the curtian to look out. At this point I am standing on my bed in my boxers with the pellet rifle aimed and ready to fire.

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we have been pretty lucky with keeping them out. This one was kinda small. But with those trees, will never bet rid of them in my trees. I just have to keep them thinned out. Since I live in town I have to use the pellet rifle. Otherwise I would pop them with my old squirrel gun. 4/10 double I have had since I was 10 years old. Couldn't imagine handing a gun like that to my 11 year olds these day. What were my parents thinking. :dunno

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Different times C2C. When my dad was growing up he had access to a whole arsenal. He knew better than to mess with them without grandpa around. He was 8-9 and had his own .22 and went out hunting rodents by himself. It's all how you teach them. He said he knew if he was caught playing with a gun he would have been better off shooting himself. Gramps didn't take no chit. :thumb

On the flip side my mom hates guns, she had a brother that was shot and killed accidentally by a friends brother who was playing with a loaded gun. He was just 8 yrs old. The kid that shot him was not taught properly and he was 16....should have known better.

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