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EWF's 70% Blue

Guest VaTinterPMan

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Guest VaTinterPMan

Is anyone using it?? Howard do you have any pics of it?? I remember reading that someone said it was more bluish than the Lulu Air I was just wondering how much??

I think it would still be ok for the W/S..Would almost give it that Stock high end look...If youll know what I'm talking about...

Would just like to see it on a car...

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Hi VaTinterPMan,

I will send you out a cut sample tomorrow. Just email me with the address you want it sent to.

It's a light density aluminum film (LDA), no pigments, dyes, etc. It looks best on vehicles with light colored interiors. I would not suggest putting it on a car with a dark blue or black interior, which highlights the VLR and makes it look a bit too reflective for many people. If the vehile does have a light interior, it looks very much like that "factory Benz glass".

The Air Films do not have this same limitation. Other than that, it's a viable alternative on cars with light colored interiors.


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