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What a Shame !


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This is how NOT to teach sportsmanship to our kids !

Sadly, if it had been a White guy sluggin a Black Referee, and the race makeup was reversed there woulda been a massive outcry !

I thought I could hear folks in the background referring to the guy as "Whitie"

Your thoughts ?

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I agree Snappy. The worst part is these are adults at a kids game.

Sadly I see this all day long working in the "black" area of the city. Part of the reason I am looking at arming myself with a concealed weapon.

Stupid ass assailant couldn't even keep his pants on.

I have one ready to go at all times in my truck, but not because I may be driving through the black community. Im color-blind when it comes to not wanting to become a victim.

I have little desire to actually carry a firearm on my person. If we could carry it on our hip open for everyone to see, then I would think differently about carrying it on my person.

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