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Busy busy! I've been doing almost nothing but full front end wraps. I'd say that 80% of everything I do these days is full front ends, from windshield forward.

On the down side, I had a very unusual thing happen...

On the 911 Porsche series, I ALWAYS remove the hood emblem. Makes for a much smoother looking installation. The car I had last week kicked me in the nutz though. The first speed-nut I removed from the emblem broke off the stud on the bottom of the emblem. It did it in such a way, that it felt like a normal unscrewing of the nut, so I didn't know it broke. When I went to unscrew the other nut, the emblem spun 1/2 way around, and the spot where the stud broke off gouged the fricking crap out of the hood in a nice 1/2 circle. If the stud had broken off a little bit longer, the emblem would not have spun, so no real problem. If the stud had broken off shorter, then it would have spun around, but not gouged the hood. So, lucky me, it was that nanometer length that would gouge the hood. So, 1 painted hood later, I got the job done, minus paying for a painted hood.

SO, always turn those nuts really slowly and carefully for future reference.

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Can't complain its been about 50/50 ppf and home tinting lately. The first ski area just opened this week so I think the snow is coming. Once the snow hits I am 80% ppf for all the body shops I service.

Damn Norm, that sucks on the hood. Hope it didn't happen on a monday?

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I used to take them off too but seemed like every other one would strip out and I'd have to pry it off with a little chisler. Plus the speed nuts are puttyed down so just because they are unscrewed didn't mean you could easily get them out, but at least I found a legitimate use for my hemostats. I know of at least one 996 out there that where I droped a nut down the inside of the hood so I always kept spares, along with a spare badge.

Norm, the hood on the 991 is resessed for the badge like the BMW rondel areas, so hopely they won't spin out on you. I stopped taking them off years ago and only had one guy want the film under the badge. He turned out to be a real pain, wanted his hood redone because the wrapped edge wasn't a uniform distance all the way around the underside even though it was a repainted hood.

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