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Pride/Dragon Window Films


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I have not used JWF for a number of years now, but I see the stuff we did years ago and it has all failed. Mostly in the hard coat. Much of it is well past 10 years old and well past warranty... But I also have stuff I did with Llumar back in 90 that is still hanging in there

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Guest PrideTint

Hey Cuttingedge,

Jett Black NR would be comparable as you stated. We have a customer that tints dealerships with it. Been using it about a year and a half. He tinted the GMs car with it when he first started using it and put 05% on rear roll-ups and back-glass and 20% on front roll-ups. This car sits outside all day, ever day. At 15 months, the 5% started to show slight diff on glass under top seal, nothing on the 20%. So I would say you're correct, about 5 years on the 05% and 6 years on the rest of the shades as far as the color is concerned.

Legend HP would not be comparable to ATC. Its a hybrid, dyed/metalized and would be more like ATR. We have a customer using the NR version though for almost 2 years. He also does HIDs, accessories, and occassional alarm, so he gets to see cars he's tinted in the past on somewhat regular basis to come in for other things. He has not noticed any color change in the film, even in the 05% and some of these cars have seen 2 summers now.



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Yes we got to use the Legend charcoal film today on cars and my tinter loved it. Shrinks very easily and easy to work with. I also got the samples of the Jet Black NR and they match JWF very well and shrinks just as good. With prices of the Jet Black NR being almost $100 less on a 40" roll (more profit for the shop) we will be ordering more soon. Plus the weekly specials buy a 60" roll (cut down anyway you want) and get a 18" roll for free!!!! it cant be beat. Thanks!!

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Guest nordfink

I had chance to use the legend charcoal line yesterday as well, everything worked out great, it shrank easy and looks good. Going to figure out a way to add it too my lineup. I would be interested in trying the black to see it next to the charcoal. (hint, hint)

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