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What did you tint today?

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1 minute ago, TintDude said:

How much urethan did you have to dig out?


None actually.  Weird but there wasn't any in the way.  Don't think it's correct that way but that's how it was.  The quarter windows had nothing at the bottom so it was like bottom loading a frameless glass.  Rear glass didn't have anything in the way.  Strange.  

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Don’t be to harsh this is the first tint job I’ve ever tried. Literally took all morning. I do have a question though. How do you get air bubbles out? I have a few I cannot get out? 



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6 hours ago, Blackbeard601 said:

How do you get air bubbles out?


Use more water when applying the film to the window, and then press it out with your squeegee. If you don't use enough water, it's not going to push out properly. 


As far as the types of windows to learn to tint on - they honestly are pretty good ones. They are big without being super big, and flat. Cars are much different... :thumb



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