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What did you tint today?

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I just finished this one a few minutes ago. Awesome client who uses this as a daily driver. Super nice guy.Message_1650327813388.jpg.410b5afb576160038703770f3e3691e4.jpg20220416_112512.jpg.4ef4ab46cb74a3205b98c7aa763c1662.jpg20220416_122901.jpg.410b08282fe31e957769eb6580e7719f.jpg


18 H,F, HL, cups, edges, pillars, rockers up to the lower orange bodyline back around the tail lights, kick wells. Avery rugged on the lowest portion and into the bottom of the door jambs. Ceramic film w/windshield and filled a few chips...whew! 

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Not exactly tint but pays the bills that buys the thrills.20220425_145220.jpg.137d697e229d3087cb9bb1c876d887fc.jpg

This was a polycarb door set that was sending too much glare at the alignment rack. Used a high tack vinyl that is meant for industrial apps like oil sites and water towers, etc. Smells like pure enamel. Ran the patterns off the cutter, then layed it down with 80/20 rapid-tac/h20.

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Yeah I dunno. :dunno


Could be future work though... so we'll see. She really liked what I did - it was foggy and overcast, so hopefully this weekend it will be nice and sunny and they'll be able to really see how much the film helps. 

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